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Apex Repeater New Shack 1st Work party

This is the first trip up to Apex so the work party can start preparations for moving the "new" repeater shack to its permanent location, replacing the "old" shack.

The work party
Barry VA7FEZ, Al VA7QQ, Dale VE7KSK, & Bill Hood

More work party
Barry VA7FEZ, Al VA7QQ, Robin VA7KV, & Bill Hood

on the way up
Mud hole on the way up the mountain.

The "New" Shack
The new shack to be moved.

Working party
The working party inspecting the new shack.


Al, hard to see, but he's in there!

Al outside the shack
Al VA7QQ, this time outside the shack.

Bill Hood, examining the new shack outside.

Bill at the &quotenew&quote foundation location
Bill at the "new" foundation location.

Bill hooking up a chain to pull a big rock.
Bill hooking up a chain to pull a big rock.

The rock to be pulled.
The rock to be pulled.

Barry, looking for tools.
Barry, looking for tools.

Chained up & ready.
Chained up & ready to pull out of the hole.

One rock, coming out!
One rock, coming out of the hole!

Out of the Hole!
& one rock, out of the Hole!

One big Rock, for sure.
Man, that's one big Rock, for sure.

Stay tuned for the next installment and more photos to come as the project moves toward to completion!

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