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P.A.R.C. Here are two photos taken on the installation day July 21, 2013.
of the 2013 Apex lighten strike repairs

Benoit VE7EBR, with the help of Guenter VE7GH, & Robin VA7KV, has repaired the Apex repeater and it is installed and running.

2013 Apex lightening strike repairs

We still need to go back again to make some adjustments and install a lightning arrester device.
Note; the lightening arrester has been installed as of last week (2nd week in August 2013)

2013 Apex lightening strike repairs photo 2

This photo shows the damage to the feed line.

2013 Apex lightening strike repairs photo 3

This photo shows the arcing between the controller's mounting screws and rack.

2013 Apex lightening strike repairs photo 4

This photo shows the snapped mast of our next door neighbor (our mast held fine).

2013 Apex lightening strike repairs photo 5

The Apex repeater now supports the multiple DTMF commands. To issue the commands, send the appropriate DTMF number (1-6) and a DTMF asterisk (*) in one radio transmission (unless indicated otherwise in the command list):

  1. * - VE7OKN repeater rack temperature (Celsius)
  2. * - VE7OKN battery system and solar array information
  3.    - Function 3 in use by Penticton SAR
  4. * - Real time clock read back (local time)
  5. * - DTMF keypad test (append whatever DTMF keys to be tested after *)
  6. * - DVR voice radio check (wait for the prompt to record your voice)

The last 3 commands are similar to the Campbell Mountain repeater functions.