A before and after picture of the Campbell Mountain Repeater sight clean up. Thanks to all that pitched in and help make the site forest fire safe.

Formal Sunday Net

The club holds a net every Sunday morning, 9:00 am on the Apex Mountain 146.92-MHz repeater with a minus 600 kHz offset and 123 Hz tone repeater. (UHF Link 440.600 MHz with a 123 Hz tone) (Visitor check-ins are always welcome!)

Informal Chat and Nets

Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have an informal net on Apex Mountain 146.92 MHz with a minus 600 kHz offset and 123 Hz tone at 7:15PM. All amateur operators welcome. Face-2-Face Coffee Meetings are taking place, at Burger King 10:00AM on Sunday.

Ham Radio Buy and Sell

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Club Jackets

You too can have a Penticton Amateur Radio Club Jacket. Complete with embroidered club emblem and your own call sign. A warm all season tough jacket good for all occasions. Just place your order with Sherwood Trophies
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The Ham of The Year Award

The 2022 recipient of the Ham of The Year Award was Presented to Guy Venne VA7GV