Repeater Frequency : 146.920 – ( down 600) and 123 Hz tone.  Repeater Callsign : VE7OKN


  • Repeater is 2246.98 Meters (7372 feet) atop Apex Mountain 15 km west of Penticton and has a range covering west to Manning Park, north to Salmon Arm, east to Kettle Valley, and south to Omak.
  • You will hear a morse code identification VE7OKN every 15 minutes.
  • Using the autopatch: To make a call. PTT, ID your self , then the * [star], you will hear dial tone, when this drops off key in the number your calling . When the party answers, PTT. To Hang Up, PTT # [pound]. ID yourself and say you are “clear the auto patch”.  This is an open repeater.

The Apex repeater now supports the multiple DTMF commands. To issue the commands, send the appropriate DTMF number (1-6) and a DTMF asterisk (*) in one radio transmission (unless indicated otherwise in the command list):

1* – VE7OKN repeater rack temperature (Celsius)

2* – VE7OKN battery system and solar array information n/a

3* – Function 3 in use by Penticton SAR n/a

4* – Real time clock read back (local time) n/a

5* – DTMF keypad test (append whatever DTMF keys to be tested after *) 

6* – DVR voice radio check (wait for the prompt to record your voice)

The last 3 commands are similar to the Campbell Mountain repeater functions.

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view.

From right to left; A “birds eye view” of the repeater location.
Another “birds eye” the red line on the pictures is from our September 2008 service trip.
The Solar Panels.
A view looking North.
The Repeater shack Altitude 7300 feet above Sea level.




New Apex repeater VE7OKN erected in 2014

Apex Repeater 2014   

Thanks to all the PRC members who worked on this maintenance project. VE7BVO Bill, VE7EBR Benoit, VE7KSK Dale, VA7FEZ Barry, VA7QQ Allen, & VA7KV Robin.

This is the first trip up to Apex so the work party can start preparations for moving the "new" repeater shack to its permanent location, replacing the "old" shack.

This is the second trip up to Apex so the work party can start construction of the foundation for the "new" repeater shack. Unfortunately, the truck developed a flat tire. So, the trip was aborted after changing the tire and the work will continue on the next trip (3). Here then, are the photos of "The Flat Tire Episode!"

This is the third trip up to Apex so the work party can complete construction of the foundation for the "new" repeater shack, and raising of the new building. We rented a Budget 4x4 and Gary supplied his Explorer. All went well and we had the building erected by 4pm. Now there is some insulation that still needs installing and the building ought to be sided and re-roofed, but structrually it's all good for many years. The crew on this trip was ... Va7QQ Al, Bill Hood, Va7ARR Gary, VA7GV Guy, VE7ZID Dave, Norm Kruger, VA7KV Robin.

This is the fourth trip up to Apex on the 2 Oct 09 to put on the siding on the new shack. All went well and as you can see in the photos it was a snowy day up on the mountain. The crew on this trip was ... Bill Hood, Va7ARR Gary, VA7FEZ Barry, VA7KV Robin. The next trip will be for the finnishing of the insulation as well as getting the building ready for the installation of equipment. This will probably take place in the spring now that old man winter has moved in to stay for a while. Note The next trip to Apex mountain top to work on the building will be to install the insulation & to move the equipment from the old building and into the "new digs". Dates and plans to be announced later.