Repeater Frequency : 147.120 + ( up 600),  Repeater Callsign : VE7RPC

Campbell Mountain


* Courtesy beep between transmissions.

* You will hear a nice lady’s voice : “VE7RPC Penticton ” every 30 minutes.

* A bell on the hour : “ding dong – RPC’s time – 5:00pm”

* Autopatch Redial (see below)

* Time Verification Function (see below)

* Keypad Test Function (see below)

* Voice Test Function (see below)

Basic Operating Procedures.
Always identify with your Station Callsign when accessing the Repeater.

Time of Day Request
Press PTT – Touch-tone 4* Unkey & the repeater will announce the current time.

DTMF Key-pad Test
Press PTT – Touch-tone 5* followed by the keypad numbers or letters you wish to test, unkey and the repeater will repeat back the sequence it decoded.

Signal Report Test
Press PTT – Touch-tone 6* and unkey. The repeater will say “Start test now” Press PTT and transmit a short test message (no longer than 7 seconds), unkey and the repeater will transmit the test back to you.

Autopatch features

Normal Access

Press PTT – transmit * followed by a seven digit phone number.  The controller will repeater the number back to you,  and dial the number. If the number is not correct or to terminate the call transmitt #.

The Autopatch has a 4 minute timer on it, 30 seconds prior to timing out the controller will give a “beep” (called the alligator) when the radio unkeys, if you wish to extend the timer, transmit *1 . You may extend the timer any number of times.

Speed Dial Access

Club members can have a 3 digit speed dial number programmed which will dial their home phone numbers. Note – do not use a * in front of the speed dial number. Reverse patch function, where your spouse may call you from home is also available for Club members. Contact the repeater custodian VE7EBR ( Benoit Robert – Speed dial 189) for details.

Mute the mobile input

*3 mutes the input from the mobile tx.

Emergency Speed Dial Numbers

Police, Fire and Ambulance non-emergency number are each programmed in on a 2 digit speed dial number. This does not go to 911, so you must give your name and location. Do not put a * in front of these numbers.

Police 90      Fire 91      Ambulance 92

More information may be obtained from any member of the Penticton Radio Club Technical Committee.

Repeater Custodian – VE7EBR ( Benoit Robert ) Speed dial 189
Assistant Custodian – VE7GH ( Guenter Hoernig ) Speed dial 197